Ash is heartbroken over his split with Kat and pours out his heart to Brody and Justin. Justin offers to help Ash with his finances and decides to rope Tori in. At first, Tori is reluctant to help, afraid that others may believe she is trying to replace Kat. At The Diner, Irene offers for Ash and Luc to stay with her as he’s in a tight spot financially. Will he take her up on the offer? Later, Justin, Ash and Tori are at The Diner, when Ben walks in. Ben decides to blast Tori and Justin over Brody and his past and it doesn’t take long before Justin and Brody are throwing physical blows at one another.

Meanwhile, Ziggy isn’t coping after being kidnapped. Ben tries his best to take Ziggy’s mind off recent events and persuades her to run some errands with him. While out, Ziggy has a panic attack when two surfers pass her by that remind her of Zannis. Scarlett sees Ziggy’s breakdown and rushes to her side. Brody also witnesses Ziggy’s panic attack and, when he goes over to comfort her, she pushes him away. To make matters worse, Ben sees Brody and tells him to get lost. Later, Tori checks on Ziggy and recommends that she sees a therapist. When Tori reveals that Brody sent her, Ziggy can’t help but smile. After speaking to Tori, Ziggy arranges to meet Brody and after a heart-to-heart the pair end up kissing.