Tori is alarmed when she wakes up to the sound of Ash screaming down the phone to Mick. Tori tries to calm Ash down, but it’s clear he wants to be alone. Later, Ash turns to VJ and the pair are united in stopping Mick from seeing Luc. The pair meet up with Irene and Tori to discuss their next plan of action. Irene says she will find out what Mick wants, while Tori tries to reason with Ash not to take matters into her own hands. However, Tori’s words fall on deaf ears as, the next day, Ash heads off to the prison where Mick is being detained and gains visitation rights by pretending to be his brother….

Meanwhile, Scarlett heads to The Diner to have dinner with Caleb. The pair reminiscence about the past and talk about their son Max. Caleb even brings Scarlett a present to help her feel closer to their son and fills her with emotions. The next morning, Scarlett and Caleb have a moment on the beach where they share a hug and Justin sees everything. Is Justin losing Scarlett?

Later, Justin’s mind is all over the place and he’s losing terribly to Raffy at pool. After their game, they see Scarlett dressed up to the nines on her way to meet Caleb. To make matters worse, Justin bumps into Caleb and there’s tension between the men. Raffy tries to help Justin work out his feelings. Will she be successful?