Irene breaks the news that Mick wants access to Luc. VJ and Ash are both livid and disgusted. When Kat comes to the hospital, Ash updates her with Mick’s intentions and she explains that Mick does have rights to Luc, especially as Billie never pressed charges against him. After hearing Kat’s words, VJ makes a big decision and says he plans to fight for custody. He explains to Ash that he just wants to protect Luc from Mick. However, Ash thinks they should work together and comes up with a new plan to protect Luc, leaving Kat outraged.

Meanwhile, Brody decides to make amends with Alf and apologises for his violent outburst. Alf says all is forgiven but tells Brody to start appreciating his family. When he returns home, he runs into Tori who berates him for not taking his recovery seriously. Will Tori’s harsh words push Brody to try harder – or will it push him to give up on ever getting clean?

Also, Brody’s mystery girl Ziggy heads off home to her family. When she finally arrives at her family home, her father Ben is livid and addresses claims that she was involved in stealing a car! Then Ziggy’s mum, Maggie, arrives home with their daughter Coco and it doesn’t take long before Ziggy and Coco are arguing. Will this be the latest family to bring chaos to Summer Bay?