It’s Kat’s wake and Ash has decided it’s time to serve justice to Robbo and now has the River Boys by his side. The River Boys are determined to help Ash execute revenge, as they know he was a good friend to Brax. When the River Boys turn up at the wake, Alf says he wants no trouble and Tori urges Ash to leave justice to the police. Ash refuses to listen, so Tori heads home, but she’s shocked to then see Robbo at the Morgan house…

Robbo has been through the Morgans’ bathroom cupboard looking for medical supplies and their fridge for food, but his wounds are infected and he has collapsed in the Morgans’ back garden. When Tori finds Robbo she thinks he’s dead, but when he opens his eyes, she is shocked and ready to defend herself.

Robbo tells her he isn’t here to hurt her and just needs medical help. Then, she hears Ash walk through the front door. Will Tori tell Ash that Robbo is in the house? Or will Tori say nothing and give Robbo the medical attention he needs?

Also, Leah continues to comfort Jasmine and convinces her return to hospital for treatment. Later, Leah decides to probe Jasmine and find out why she’s so agitated. Jasmine reveals that ,on the night of the crash, she was on the run from a stalker she met online.