When Laurel tells Ashley she’s nipping out to get some headache pills, the vicar becomes all the more convinced she’s started drinking again. He decides to confront her, leaving Laurel deeply offended by the accusation. Needing some space from her partner, Laurel informs Ashley she’s going to the pregnancy scan on her own!

Later, Gabby is skiving off school with her mates and Sandy catches his granddaughter combing the house for her booze stash. At once, Sandy realises his son has accused the wrong person of drinking. Ashley’s furious with Gabby – and with himself for thinking the worst of Laurel.

Laurel returns to the house and tells him he must trust her from now if they’re to make their relationship work, seeing as they’re having another baby because she hasn’t miscarried after all!

Police come looking for Kirin. Vanessa realises it was Kirin who killed Tess leaving Rakesh worried about her keeping quiet. Vanessa rants at Rakesh for his part in Kirin’s nightmare.

Bumping into Lisa, Zak asks his estranged wife to keep him included in family affairs. Will Zak get invited to a Dingle meeting at Wishing Well?