Ashley’s done it again… He didn’t say ‘no’ to psycho Sally when she turned up last week claiming to want just a little of his time to say sorry and now he’s the one who’s sorry. He should have slammed the door in her face and called an exorcist to get the evil presence out of his life for good. Instead, her poison lingers, eating away at Ashley, who can barely look Laurel in the eye. He turns to his boss for help, but will his prayers be answered?

Aaron’s another Emmerdale male with a secret who’s struggling to face his family and friends. He decides it’s time for action and, fighting his fear and self-loathing, he goes to the gay pub in town. He gets a beer, sits down and then – shock, horror! – a nice-looking bloke called Jackson asks him if he wants a game of pool! How very dare he! Aaron panics and makes a quick exit. But he’s forgotten his phone…

Oh, what prison Momma Lisa would do for a mobile phone. With one of those she would be able to talk to Belle regularly and then maybe her little girl wouldn’t insist on seeing her in prison. But she has and today’s visiting day.

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