Ashley banishes Sandy

Sandy babysits Gabby and takes her to the cafe, but he takes his eye off her to canvass support for his ‘Free Jasmine’ campaign. Gabby wrecks the cafe’s computer and Ashley is furious with Sandy, and he and Laurel argue with Sandy. Laurel and Ashley learn that Gabby broke the computer to be sent to prison to ask them to free Jasmine for Sandy. Ashley and Laurel tell Sandy they want him out and Sandy faces a night in the cold.

Nathan asks Marlon about his ‘relationship’ with Maisie. Andy overhears and is jealous. Maisie is pleased that Andy cares enough about her to get a touch of the green-eyed monster. She calls off her arrangement with Marlon and tells Andy that they might as well relax and enjoy the fun while they can.

Aaron is surprisingly cheerful about moving into Paddy’s. He’s gone to a huge effort to make the place comfortable for them both and Chas smiles as Paddy shows Aaron to his room. Marlon visits and is pleased to see how happy Paddy is. After a full day moving stuff from the Dingles to the vets Chas and Paddy relax, each at ease with their new situation.

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