Laurel wants Ashley to set a date for their vows renewal and he finally agrees to the Thursday before Christmas. But Ashley has nagging doubts about his future with Laurel and there’s only one way to get rid of them: he comes straight out and asks Laurel if she has slept with Marlon. What??! Laurel didn’t see that coming and has no time to hide from the question. Ashley wants a straight answer, but doesn’t like the answer he gets… Laurel admits she has feelings for Marlon, but insists she loves Ashley and wants him. Trouble is, she’s not quick to deny that she loves Marlon and, heartbroken, Ashley leaves.

Gennie’s got a choice to make, too: Nicky or Nikhil. Nicky’s fun and fit – and he’s getting her a puppy! Nikhil’s foolish and fit – and has puppy dog eyes. The eyes have it – Gennie chooses Nikhil. But it’s not a popular choice. Nicky’s devastated and Brenda’s furious.

Jai is curious. He wants to know who Priya’s new man is but she’s not saying. Well, even she’s smart enough to know that Jai will go ballistic when he finds out she’s getting hot and heavy with Cain.