Ashley dumps Casey

Claire is worried by Audrey’s hints that she may have something to worry about and she heads back to Coronation Street. Ashley is surprised to see her and she angrily confronts him about spending time with Casey. Ashley is stumped when Claire demands to know whether he’s slept with Casey, but can he bring himself to tell her the truth?

Eileen and Jerry have a twinkle in their eyes the morning after their night of romance and it doesn’t go unnoticed by their family and friends. Violet warns Eileen not to get involved in anything too heavy after her disaster with Pat and she assures her that she’s just having a bit of fun with Jerry. Meanwhile, Jerry’s kids take great delight in teasing him about his budding romance with Eileen.

Hayley is devastated when Roy gets a call at the cafe to say that her favourite aunt, Monica, has died. Roy and Becky call Hayley home from work to break the news and she is full of grief.

Also, Maria and Liam hit it off and Fiz and John are amused as Maria made a big deal earlier in the evening of saying that she didn’t fancy Liam!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Claire is still waiting for an answer from Ashley about whether he’s been getting up to anything he shouldn’t have with Casey and he lies through his teeth that nothing has happened between them. Claire trusts his words and tells him that she wants to put their recent problems behind them. Ashley visits Casey and tells her that he doesn’t love her and he wants her to stay away from his family. Casey appears to take his words well, but inside she’s fuming.

Hayley reveals to Roy that her aunt Monica was one of the only members of her family who didn’t turn their back on her when she made the decision to become a woman. Hayley doesn’t know whether she can face her disapproving family at the funeral but Roy convinces her to go and pay her last respects.

Eileen pops into the kebab shop and jokes with Jerry about whether the shed is still standing after their night of passion. Darryl is round the back and hears all and he’s amused that his dad’s been using his room as a love shack!

Also, Frank impresses the locals when he goes to the Rovers with Cilla and buys them all a drink.