Having been diagnosed with early onset vascular dementia, Ashley knows he needs to tell Harriet but he just can’t. After another failed attempt to break the bad news, the troubled vicar ends their relationship instead! Being alone is the last thing Ashley needs right now leaving Bob, who’s in the know, weighed down by Ashley’s life-changing secret.

A fun night out with Belle and Joanie soon turns sour for Zak. Joanie’s taken aback by the sudden change in Zak’s mood when she jokingly pretends to be his wife. And there’s more shock to come for Kyle’s gran when Zak asks her to move out. What’s his beef? Cain Dingle, meanwhile, is much happier than his dad. Hanging out with his lovechild son, Kyle, at long last, leaves the mechanic stunned when he actually finds himself enjoying it!

Worried that people are thinking she’s marrying Lawrence White for his money, Bernice offers to get a pre-nup drawn up. Lawrence says he’s in it for the long haul, but is Bernice convinced?