Ashley faces Laurel… Sandy faces Ashley

Bruised and hurt at the hands of his son, Sandy sits with Edna, who’s shocked by what has happened. Sickened and dismayed, Laurel sits alone in the village hall, making decisions about her family’s future. She returns to the vicarage, where a desperate Ashley is waiting. But they’re interrupted by Diane, who had Gabby and Arthur overnight and has brought them home. Laurel takes the children and goes to Sandy. What does he want? He wants to see Ashley. Laurel goes with him and, together, they face Ashley. He begs their forgiveness, but Laurel’s not in a forgiving mood.

Declan’s not in a good mood when Carl appears at the breakfast table at Home Farm. This means Carl spent the night with Megan and Megan likes seeing how that puts Declan off his breakfast. She likes making Jai squirm, too, when she criticises his handling of Noah. What would she know about parenting? We’re going to find out next month, when her secret son Robbie knocks on the door at Home Farm!

Pollard goes to Brenda’s door to apologise, but she won’t listen. What a pity, because Pollard admits to Amy that the “bit of fun” he had with Brenda has become more meaningful – and not just because she’s “quite a woman” in the bedroom!