Ashley fills Trevor in on her plan

Jason sees Holly and Robbie talking by The Loft and tells Holly straight that he loves her. Holly, however, still says she doesn’t want to be with him. Later, Ashley’s telling Trevor about her plan to kidnap Patrick and their conversation is interrupted by a suspicious Holly, who’s bringing Curtis back. Robbie is Trevor and Ashley’s alibi but, instead, he tells Ben about the con. Trevor gets himself an invite to the reception for the special needs unit but wonders how to get Patrick on his own with Maxine always at his side.

Meanwhile, Ashley tells Theresa it’s her job to get rid of Maxine. Trevor overhears Jason hint to Robbie about the information they’ve got. Panicked, Trevor and Ashley wonder whether to go ahead with the plan. Theresa gets Maxine away from Patrick, who’s alone in one of the classrooms when someone comes in. Elsewhere, Trevor and Ashley have kidnapped Holly, thinking she’s the informant!

Elsewhere, Joe’s furious with Freddie, while Lindsey suggests they cancel their holiday until they know JJ is OK. Kim panics when Lindsey decides to get a second opinion about JJ’s fractured skull. Kim makes it look like JJ has lost his appetite by secretly giving him two lunches.

Also, Louis is concerned about Nico and suggests she get some counselling, which Sienna’s keen to avoid.