Has Ashley finally seen the light? He actually says no to psycho Sally when she offers to look after Gabby. Maybe there’s hope for his marriage after all… Or maybe not. When Sally returns, with food and another offer to mind Gabby while he works, Ashley relents. Then Doug comes home and is furious to see Ashley drinking with Sally.

He packs his bag but Sally offers to leave. When Ashley says she doesn’t have to Doug is stunned; again, Ashley is putting Sally before his family. Ashley tells Doug to get out, but before Sally can revel in her victory, he tells her to leave, too. Hallelujah! But Sally’s a serial sinner, remember and not one to give up easily…

Having played hard to get for so long, Holly can’t believe that Aaron seems to have lost interest in her. She tries flirting with him but he doesn’t notice and, instead, enjoys a bit of rough-housing with Adam. Are we witnessing a Brokeback Mountain moment?

In The Woolpack, barmaid Maisie’s also in a flirty mood and has her eye on Ryan. He’s enjoying it, too and gives as good as he gets. Is Katie going to have her heart broken again?