Ashley gets a surprise at Yvonne’s

Ashley pays Claire a visit but he’s taken aback when Casey answers the door. Ashley panics that Casey has told Claire about their kiss but Casey reassures him. Ashley begs Claire to come home and she finally gives in and agrees. When Ashley later sees Casey he apologises for kissing her and he gives Casey the news that Claire is returning.

Leanne is having a hard time with her useless temporary chefs and she’s intrigued when Paul asks her about the chef’s position. Leanne is impressed with his references but Paul has to admit that he had to leave his last job quickly. Leanne decides to give him a chance – especially after tasting his cooking – and tells him that he’s got the job.

Volet is worried that Jamie has worked out what her and Sean are up to and she asks Sean to take Jamie out for the evening. Alone in the house, Violet takes the pregnancy test. When she sees the result she begins to cry – but is it good or bad news?

Also, Blanche is disgusted when she realises that someone has been smoking in the Rovers’ ladies loo. But she doesn’t bank on it being Liz!