When Laurel needs Ashley most he lets her down and gives his support to Sally… Talking things through with Nicola, Laurel works out Sally caused the church fire. Realising Sally has Arthur a frightened Laurel panics and calls the police. As she tries to tell them about her suspicions, Sally and Ashley arrive home with the baby.

Looking like a madwoman, but still determined, Laurel tells Ashley Sally tried to kill her. He’s furious – with Laurel, for saying such a thing. He won’t listen to his wife, which just encourages Sally… When she gets Laurel alone she enjoys rubbing in the fact that Ashley believes her, not his wife.

Faye’s not nearly as good as Sally at covering up her true feelings, though. Jai sees how she looks at Mark and works out what’s going on between them. Mark tells her he’s opened a bank account for their getaway funds but he gets nervous when she tells him Jai has guessed the truth about them (except the bit about Mark being a bigamist).

Jimmy has never been good at reading women. Scarlett has him stumped when she insists she doesn’t want a big fuss for her 18th birthday. When he won’t let the matter drop, though, she finally reveals that her birthday makes her think about her dead dad.

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