Relations are still frosty at the Peacocks. But Claire holds out an olive branch and offers to cook dinner so they can talk and Ashley is hopeful for the first time. However, it soon becomes clear that the French meal she has cooked is just another attempt to persuade Ashley into the idea of moving. The couple start to row again until Ashley feels a sharp pain in his chest – he is having a angina attack.

Becky and Steve are playing happy families with Max and start to imagine him as part of their family. Assuming that Kylie may never return, they both admit to each other that it feels right to treat him as their own. So when Kylie smugly marches into the pub with a hunky Greek man on her arm, they’re gobsmacked. But that’s not all, he has offered Kylie a job in Cyprus and she is moving away for good. As Becky struggles to take in the news Becky wonders what this means for Max.

David’s desperate to talk to Graeme and clear his name. But Audrey pleads with him not to go – without his test results there is nothing more he can do.

Also, Jack enjoys life with Tyrone at his side.

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