Ashley is run down by Victoria! (VIDEO)

*Hour-long episode*

Victoria’s day goes from hideous to hellish. Not only is she worried about what Robert has done to Adam to get revenge on the love cheat and wants to remove the evidence before the police catch on. Later, after a row, Victoria tears off in her car and hits Ashley! At first, the dazed vicar thinks he’s OK, but before long he collapses and is rushed to hospital! There, he’s diagnosed with a head trauma and put into an induced coma.

It’s Leo’s birthday party and Laurel nervously attends. She’s got uncomfortable news to share with Marlon – she picked up an STD from her recent one-night stand. Horrified, Marlon responds by informing her he’s asked lawyer Rakesh about official separation.

In shock the baby is Adam’s rather than his, Kirin has been out all night. Rakesh suggests he throw himself into his studies. Later, Kirin drunkenly offers to pay for Vanessa to have an abortion…

As their departure looms, David is struggling with the idea of leaving his daughter Amba while Alicia refuses to invite Leyla to their leaving lunch. Their divide grows ever wider as she catches her sister with Jai again. Will Alicia reveal their affair?