The village gossips stop feeding on the Wylde’s woes long enough to nibble on Ashley’s alleged sins. He’s determined to rise above it all and proceed with Angelica’s christening but Bishop George has had a call from psycho Sally. He doesn’t like what he has heard and has swooped on Emmerdale. The congregation is gathering for Angelica’s big day but Ashley won’t be running the show; Bishop George has suspended him from his duties. Has Sally ruined Ashley’s marriage and his career? If she hasn’t Nicola probably will unless the christening of her baby somehow goes ahead…

Away from the church, in the Dingle world, Debbie has always been one of the brightest. She’s hustled a few people in her young life and now it looks like she has made Nikhil a target. He’s bought Priya a car that he wants Debbie to check. She tells him it’s stolen and he’s in big trouble.

Olena could also be in trouble after Sam lets slip to Val that she’s an illegal immigrant. Val’s restaurant is about to open and she can’t risk Olena being caught and ruining the whole event.

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