Ashley Thomas moves into a care home (VIDEO)

As Ashley Thomas moves into full-time care, his devastated family watch on knowing the vicar, who has dementia, has no real idea what is happening

A horrible day dawns at Mulberry as Ashley Thomas moves out of Mulberry and into a care home where his dementia can be expertly managed. As his loved ones Laurel, Sandy and Gabby watch on, sadly, it’s clear Ashley has no real idea what is going on… Later, Laurel is faced with the facts that she’s now alone at home without her beloved husband by her side – and with their kids to look after on her own.

Chas intervenes as Aaron and Robert have a row about Finn. Rhona’s thrown when moody Pierce claims he’s going away for a couple of nights to attend a conference.

Elsewhere, Moira makes waves when she tells the Dingles’ stowaway she’s welcome to stay with her at Butler’s.


Watch this clip from the episode;