Ashley puts Harriet to the test

Ashley gets a blast from the not-so-distant past when he receives a card from his ex-girlfriend, Carole. Earlier in the year, things seemed to be going well between the couple until Carole’s husband turned up in the village! Now, she’s written to tell Ashley that her divorce has come through, but he’s since moved on and secretly hopes for a romance with Harriet. When Ashley tells Bob about the missive, his mate suggests that he should use it to test how Harriet feels about him…

Moira and Cain have decided not to report Kirin to the police for running Moira off the road while drink driving. But after hearing that Charity has been charged, Cain uses the accident to blackmail Kirin’s dad, Rakesh. He wants the solicitor to legally represent Charity, and uses Kirin as leverage. With his son having caused an accident while drunk, and Cain capable of beating him to a pulp, it doesn’t look like Rakesh has much choice!

Elsewhere in the village: Doug tries to help Laurel when he clocks the tension between his daughter and Marlon; Diane urges sparring brothers Robert and Andy to work things out for Victoria’s sake; and Aaron asks Robert out for a drink.