Ashley reacts badly to the social worker’s decision

Having forgotten he’d taken Arthur to hospital and left his young son there alone, dementia sufferer Ashley is in trouble. With the police having picked up the little boy, social services want to talk to Laurel and Ashley. The meeting doesn’t go well. When the officer recommends Ashley is supervised when he looks after Arthur from now on, the normally mild-mannered vicar flips.

Out in the garden, Ashley starts destroying the pirate ship he’s been building with his son, until Doug manages to restrain him. Laurel’s aghast – but there’s worse horror to come when she realises, later, that Ashley has forgotten the incident, the social worker, the lot.

Unaware that Ronnie Hale has caused a major rift between Lawrence and Chrissie – who suspected the plumber may be her biological dad –Sam calls him up to Home Farm to come and fix the washing machine! Ronnie reckons he’s been called there under false pretences while Chrissie cringes when she clocks Ronnie, and shares her controversial theory with stepmum Bernice.

Elsewhere, Megan receives flowers from Jai and vows to make sure he gets the message – she’s not interested!

Pollard is conflicted when Doug and Diane point out how much he would profit by moving Tracy out of the B&B. Trouble is, she’s overheard.