Ashley’s in trouble with the police!

*Second episode*

With Arthur having cut his hand on a saw, Ashley has taken him to hospital. But the vicar, who has dementia, is finding the whole episode super stressful and after heading into the confusing corridors to hunt for help, he’s forgotten about his little boy and why he is there. So when Ashley then bumps into his wife Laurel who’s arrived for a pregnancy scan, he assumes that’s why he’s at the hospital and gets involved in the appointment leaving his little boy sat alone.

When the couple arrive home after an encouraging scan, their excitement is shattered when they realise Arthur is missing. When a policeman later turns up with the little lad, Laurel pales as she learns a social worker will be coming to visit, to assess whether Ashley is still capable of looking after their son unsupervised.

Jai’s on a date when Megan turns up – with their baby daughter Eliza! If that weren’t bad enough, his ex relishes the opportunity to bring up Jai’s chequered past! Will Megan put the kibosh on Jai’s chance of romance?

Already deeply suspicious of Pierce, Vanessa is stunned when Rhona reveals he’s going to carry on staying round at her place. If only Vanessa knew Pierce and Rhona were way past the friend-zone!