*Hour episode*

Marlon knows Ashley knows that he has been showing far too much interest in his wife and he knows Laurel wants to keep her family together. His dream of happiness with Laurel has become a nightmare and he feels guilty. What can he do? Well, he thinks confessing to Ashley that it was all his fault will help, but it doesn’t – especially after he adds that he loves Laurel. Too much information, Marlon! As far as Ashley’s concerned, Marlon and Laurel have destroyed his family and he can’t bear to look at either of them.

Georgia can’t help but look at Priya, who’s dressed for some job-hunting. It’s her daughter’s necklace that catches her eye – it looks just like the one that was stolen when their house was burgled. Surely Priya didn’t steal from her own family, did she?! No! It was a gift from her mystery man – and that would be Cain to those in the know. He says he found it in a car – and Priya believes him!

Moira can’t believe what’s happened when she returns to Butler’s Farm. Her children have found out that she’s had an affair!