Ashley, a man of faith, has absolutely no faith in his wife, Laurel. She has told him she didn’t sleep with Marlon, but it’s much easier for him to climb on his high horse if he can get a leg up from the belief that she did. So Ashley goes to Marlon and tells him Laurel has admitted they slept together. Liar! But Ashley thinks he can use the lie to trap Marlon into a confession. Except Marlon insists he has no knowledge of Laurel in the biblical sense and Ashley finally accepts they’re both telling the truth. Now he and Laurel can move forward. But Laurel doesn’t want to do anything until he apologises for not believing her – and he has to make peace with Marlon so they can stay in Emmerdale!

Hazel is not staying in Emmerdale. She’s going travelling and wants Aaron to travel with her. But her dream turns into a nightmare when Aaron, feeling pressured, hurts himself again.

Charity and Cain have caused each other a lot of pain and it would be best if they had nothing to do with each other, but they’re still bonded by Debbie. Charity wants her daughter at her wedding and thinks Cain can help get her there. But he remembers how Charity didn’t help him when he was lying in the road bloody and beaten…