Ashley wants forgiveness, Laurel wants a divorce!

Ashley clearly still believes in miracles, as he’s sure he can make things right with Laurel. So he gets quite a shock when Laurel reminds him to hand over his keys to Mulberry Cottage – and tells him she wants to end their marriage. Laurel makes it clear to Ashley that there’s no penance he can do to save their marriage. Ashley’s temper gets the better of him (again) and he makes a sudden movement, which startles Laurel. Ashley’s devastated as he realises Laurel thinks he’s going to hit her. Well, he did batter his dad…

Cain’s ready to batter Cameron. He knows Cameron didn’t go to Jersey and thinks he’s having an affair. Cameron tells suspicious Cain that he changed his mind about going to see his sons because he had a row with his ex. Cain doesn’t believe him and tells Chas he’s sure Cameron’s cheating on Debbie. Chas offers to keep her eye on Cameron – but doesn’t add that she’ll also be keeping her lips on him whenever she can! Cain will kill them both if he finds out!

Alicia finally accepts that honesty is the best policy and tells Jacob she could go to prison for battering Val. Where would that leave Jacob? Living with David, he hopes.