Ashley is desperate for a happy Christmas with his whole family. This should be his busiest time of year but he seems almost paralysed by depression. His spirit is lifted when Laurel calls but the gloom returns when she says she only wants to arrange to see Gabby on Christmas Day. Concerned for his wellbeing, Edna decides to drop by and psycho Sally tags along. Inside the vicarage, Edna is trying to convince Ashley to return to his duties and neither of them sees Sally steal one of the Thomas family Christmas cards, with their photo on the front. Later, Sally replaces Laurel’s face with a picture of her own. She has not given up her fight to win Ashley!

Worried about Debbie after her run-in with Carl, Charity goes around to Tug Ghyll to see how she’s doing. And it seems her daughter has inhaled some of the festive spirit, because she invites Charity and Noah around to her house on Christmas Day. Are they in for a bright New Year?

Carl’s not full of the joys of the season, either. He’s a sore loser and tells Chas he’s going away for a few days – without her. Is that Chas’s Christmas ruined?

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