Ashley wants to crucify Laurel

It’s burning Ashley to know that the woman he thought he nearly had back was actually someone else’s all along. And now he knows he wants his children to know, too – and he’s going to tell them. Laurel tries to put him off, but Ashley is determined they hear the truth – and that they hear it from him. Arthur doesn’t seem bothered that Mummy’s new boyfriend is Marlon, but Gabby is definitely not impressed. Marlon’s not impressed, either, when he goes to work and finds that Diane has given Ashley some shifts in the pub. Awkward!

Rhona’s fed up with feeling awkward around people in the village because of her situation with Marlon and decides to take action… She tells Paddy they should just go to New Zealand anyway. Once they’re there, Marlon won’t be able to do much about it. OK, says Paddy. They’ll give Marlon one more chance to compromise and if he won’t then they’re off.

Amy should have let her mum, Kerry, take off when she said she was going to. Instead, she encouraged her to stick around and now Kerry’s letting her down again. Kerry was supposed to be meeting Amy but she has found a new bloke: Andy. Oh, and Victoria’s gone back to her old bloke, Alex.