Ashley’s married life flashes before his eyes on his 50th birthday – and that’s not just because Laurel has given him a photo album full of pictures. Ashley notices a lack of passion when he kisses Laurel at the party – and he discovers she lied to him about the time she spent with Marlon. Then he sees the two of them sneak out to the back of the pub. Happy birthday, Ashley? Not really!

Farmer John and Moira’s marriage is also sinking, thanks to the massive hole in it created by Cain when he shot off his mouth about bedding Moira. Still, what did Moira expect from Cain? Discretion may be the better part of valour, but Cain will never get a medal for valour – or discretion. Moira cries on Diane’s shoulder then goes home to find John packing. He doesn’t want to hear her apologies, he just wants her out of his sight.

Ali wishes Dan would get out of her sight but he’s going nowhere. OK – but he’s not staying in the camper van outside her house, either. Ali and Ruby take the van back to the mate Dan borrowed it from, thinking that’ll shift him. And it does – into the B&B!