Ashley’s arrested!

So, now everyone knows that Ashley hit his father – and that Laurel and Marlon had a near-affair. The village gossips can really gorge themselves – and they do. But Edna goes one further – she calls the police and reports an assault. Then she goes to the vicarage to tell them what she’s done, just as the police arrive. Sandy’s furious and denies that anyone hit him, but Ashley, having confessed to the whole village, is now ready to confess to the police. That’s not what Sandy wants from his son, but there’s no stopping Ashley and he’s arrested. They say confession is good for the soul, but what will it do for Ashley’s standing in Emmerdale?

Chas doesn’t have any standing in Emmerdale worth mentioning. She has done a lot of lying down, though, most recently with Cameron. She feels guilty about this (when she’s not feeling lusty) and can’t face Debbie at the reopening of the garage. In fact, Chas feels so guilty that she dumps Cameron – again.

Brenda and Pollard, on the other hand, are very together. So much so that Pollard wants to tell everyone they are a couple. How sweet! But it leaves Amy feeling sour.