Ashley’s negligence lands Arthur in hospital!

*First episode*

Little Arthur is excited about his dad’s plan for them to build a play pirate ship in the garden, so when the parts arrive he can’t wait to make a start. But the moment turns sour when Arthur cuts his hand on a saw as he tries to help Ashley, who has dementia.

Whisking his son off to hospital, Ashley struggles to cope with the stress of the situation. But worse is to come. When the vicar heads off to find someone who might be able to help them, he loses track and forgets why he’s there!

Having slept with Pierce, Rhona’s head is all over the place. But she’s not about to tell anyone about it, least of all Vanessa who asks her if something is going on between her and Pierce. Storming off in a huff, Rhona heads back to Smithy, where she’s stunned to find Pierce packing up his things. She’s heartbroken when he claims he’s moving out because he’s started falling for her.

At Home Farm, Lawrence reckons he’s lost his daughter for good when he overhears her talking to Andy about trying to find out more about Ronnie Hale.