Ashley’s nerves kick in at the clinic

Helen is still annoyed about Maria’s decision not to christen baby Liam as a Catholic and remarks that Maria was out late the night before. Maria admits that she went for a drink with Tony. But things get worse for her when her in-laws say they’ll be staying a while longer. Tony warns Barry that Helen’s concern for the baby is suffocating Maria and if they don’t leave, Maria will push them away and they will lose their grandson.

Jason invites Sean to the Gym but is later horrified to find Jason chatting to Leon. Relived that they were only talking about football it seems that Jason still doesn’t realise that Leon’s gay and Sean is doing nothing to help.

Claire tells Ashley that she is leaving hospital later and he reassures her that he will be going ahead with the vasectomy operation. Back at home Claire confides in Eileen about the vasectomy but asks her not to tell anyone. But Lloyd and Eileen decide to tell Peter and he accompanies Ashley to the clinic.

Also, Norris is pleased to discover that Freda also dislikes Ramsay; Joe takes money from Gail’s handbag to buy more painkillers, but hates himself for doing so.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Barry tells Helen about Tony’s warning and she storms round to see him at the factory, accusing him of preying on her sons’ widow. Tony snaps and tells her that everyone has moved on and forgotten Liam. It’s all too much for Maria who loses her cool and tells Helen and Barry about Liam and Carla’s affair, throwing them out of the house. It seems Helen may have pushed Tony and Maria closer together as he comforts Maria and they share a tender moment.

Gail notices that her purse her is empty but she puts it down to her own absent-mindedness. Graeme hands over the pills to Joe but David sees them together and forces Graeme to tell him what’s going on.

Ashley waits nervously at the clinic for his operation but flees in a panic – unable to go through with the operation. He confides in Peter that the finality of the operation scares him. Peter is sure Claire will understand but Ashley cannot pluck up the courage to tell her the truth.

Also, Norris and Freda make fun of Ramsay; Sean is alarmed when Leon turns up at the Rovers to have a drink with Jason. He tells Leon she is Jason’s pretend girlfriend who he uses as a cover.