Ashley’s temper flares again!

Ashley is supposed to be repenting for the sins he committed against his family and seeking their forgiveness. But Ashley has never been good about admitting he has been bad. Despite all that he has said and done, Ashley still wants things all his own way. He knows Gabby is scared of him, but he marches into the house and demands to speak to her, and he isn’t happy when Laurel tells him that’s not a good idea. Gabby isn’t happy, either, and later tells Marlon that Laurel is forcing her to see Ashley. Concerned, Marlon tells Laurel what Gabby has said and Laurel tells Ashley what Marlon has told her. Marlon! That’s the name that ignites Ashley’s anger and he has a rant to Rodney, who tells him to get a grip.

Lisa lashes out, too, when she thinks the factory workers are gossiping about Zak. They’re not. But they are after Lisa’s outburst! Now they all know Zak’s not playing with a full deck.

Alicia wants to lay her cards on the table and tell David she wants him. Sounds like a smart move – but before she can make it, David tells her he’s not ready for a relationship with any woman because he’s not over Leyla.