It’s a dark day for Ashley as his divorce papers arrive. But Edna’s attempt at support is knocked back. Increasingly worried about Ashley’s temper, Edna talks to Laurel before trying to talk to the disgraced vicar again. Ashley’s livid to realise she’s been talking to his ex about him and snaps once more. This time, he’s mortified to see how Edna flinches, clearly worried he’ll hurt her like he did his ageing dad Sandy.

Amy’s thrilled when Joanie tells her she can carry on seeing Kyle if she follows her ground rules. The teen mum is hurt to realise Joanie no longer trusts her. With all this going on, Val refuses to go on holiday and leave Amy so Pollard’s forced to go alone!

No matter how hard his friends try, Paddy won’t budge. He doesn’t want to visit Rhona in rehab. Marlon’s given short shrift about it and when Chas steps in to have a word, he sends her packing, too.