Claire is finding it difficult to sleep and Ashley is snappy with her as she becomes increasingly irritable and paranoid. Claire takes Josh and Freddie out for a walk to clear her head but she spots a woman she thinks is Casey. Claire leaves Josh abandoned in the middle of the road as she runs over to confront the shocked woman and Josh is nearly run over by Lloyd.

Kirk is devastated about the discovery that Fiz is with John, while Fiz is gutted about the way that Kirk found out. Fiz apologises to Kirk for accusing him of vandalising her scooter and asks if they can still be friends, but Kirk finds it too painful. Meanwhile, Fiz works out that Sophie damaged her scooter and informs Sally.

Gail encourages Jason to be a mate to David but Jason doesn’t get off to a good start when he and Bill tease David on his first day on site. David feels humiliated and he thinks up a way to wind up Jason and he tells him that he is gay!

*Second episode*

Ashley and Claire are still at odds on Father’s Day and a miserable Ashley decides to visit the Websters’ to get out of the house. But a familiar face is watching from the phone box as he leaves – it’s Casey! Claire takes a silent phone call and she’s completely freaked out, especially when she hears noises in the garden. Ashley is exasperated when a panicky Claire forces him to come home and investigate but the only person he finds is Darryl, who is bunking off work.

Jason is determined to be David’s new best friend, as per Gail’s instructions, and he admits to David that he’s scared of heights. David plays a cruel prank when Jason has to work on the roof of Jerry’s takeaway and he removes all the ladders, leaving a terrified Jason stranded. Bill turns up and is furious with David for putting Jason in danger.

Jerry is stunned to discover Granddad’s obituary in the paper! Granddad admits that he placed the obituary to help Mel’s application to the police.

Also, flirty customer Pat (Sean Hughes) visits Eileen at the cab office.