Ash’s scam is uncovered

Ash sends Spencer another text from ‘Warren’ insisting that he sell The Loft to Ash so they can run away to France. When the deal is done and Spencer’s solicitor tries to put the money in the bank the phone scam comes out. Calvin and Sasha are furious with Ash, who is unrepentant. Sasha and Calvin find Spencer and break the news that Warren is not coming and Spencer is devastated.

Ste is exhausted and on the day of the charity fete he cuts himself badly in the Il Gnosh kitchen. Tony sends him to hospital and Abi stitches him up, feeling guilty for doping him with caffeine. Abi tells Daniel she’s worried that Ste could hurt himself or one of the children. Daniel seems to take her words to heart but later spikes Ste’s drink.

Malachy is relieved when he gets the all clear and heads to the charity fete gladiator arena where Mercedes is beating Cheryl. Mercedes is furious when Cheryl lands a lucky blow and takes her out and she storms off when Cheryl flings her arms around Malachy in celebration. Malachy forces Cheryl to apologise to Mercedes, and Mercedes and Malachy patch things up.

Also, Cheryl turns her attentions to Zak and Michaela gives her what for.

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