Donatella finds herself in the spotlight as the drama continues in The Assassination of
Gianni Versace.

There hasn’t been nearly enough of Penélope Cruz’s wonderful Donatella Versace so far in
this drama.

So it’s pure joy to see far more of her tonight, especially as the episode takes us back to the early 1990s and a big camp showdown with her brother Gianni over her meddling in his
fashion empire!

What better way to make up than joining forces to design the ‘dress to beat all dresses’ for Donatella to wear at a glitzy Vogue party in New York!?

But the publicity it brings for Donatella stirs envy in Gianni, and it’s not long before the jealous designer gets his scissors out and butchers the dress…

A slightly lighter episode, thanks to Donatella – we just adore her!