Season seven of the Wisteria Lane drama left us with a cliffhanger when the series took a break before Christmas. A protest about Paul Young’s halfway house for prisoners turned into a riot and Susan was trampled by the mob, while Paul was shot by a mystery assassin. Have they survived?

As the series resumes this week, Susan’s life is hanging in the balance, as she was so badly injured that doctors had to remove a kidney. She’s boosted by the return of husband Mike from Alaska, but then collapses as she’s walking along the corridor with MJ. A kidney transplant is needed urgently!

Meanwhile, medics battle to save Paul, too, while the cops try to catch the shooter – but there are a lot of suspects including his wife, Beth, and her jailed mother Felicia who has somehow been in contact with Mike. In fact, Paul only finds out that his wife is the daughter of Felicia, who once tried to frame him for her own murder, when he’s told about it at hospital by two detectives.

Orson returns to stay with ex-wife Bree, just as Keith is moving into her house. She later finds out Orson’s still in love with her, which causes strife with Keith. Gaby and Carlos take daughter Juanita to therapy to help her deal with the fact that she isn’t their biological daughter – the shrink tells them they must completely erase real daughter Grace from their lives.

And Renee finally tells best friend Lynette about her affair with Tom. Lynette’s furious with her, but doesn’t let on to Tom that she knows. Not yet, anyway…