At Her Majesty’s Service

Penelope Keith continues the documentary series which follows in the footsteps of our reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II

Penelope Keith continues her tour of the official royal residences with a trip to what must be the least well known, Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland. This is a part of the United Kingdom where feelings about the monarchy are very polarised but even so, the Queen has visited on 24 occasions, from her first trip in 1953 to her most recent in 2014.

Penelope meets the staff preparing the 18th-century Georgian mansion for Her Majesty’s arrival and has a nosey in a long-lost scrapbook that is bursting with royal invitations and menus dating back to 1925. She finally looks at the Queen’s role in helping fractured communities come together after the Troubles as she follows in Her Majesty’s footsteps in Enniskillen.