MI6 agent Charlize Theron is in Berlin just before the fall of the wall in 1989, hunting for a missing list of all the spies in the city.

Her mission is fiendishly tangled, fraught with double and possibly even triple crosses. She can trust no one. Not James McAvoy’s sleazy, self-serving MI6 station chief, not slinky French spy Sofia Boutella and not Eddie Marsan’s nervy Stasi defector.

Director David Leitch gives the action a thrilling brutality with his remorseless fight scenes that leave the antagonists bloody, bruised and panting for breath. We’re left breathless, too, by it all.

But it’s Theron’s remarkable heroine who really makes us gasp. Whether slinking though Berlin’s neon-drenched bars and clubs, pursuing contacts and clues, or showing her ruthless streak in combat, Theron really does have what it takes when it comes to being badass.

So call off the hunt for the next James Bond or Jason Bourne, she’s already here – and you really will believe she can take out a roomful of opponents armed only with a length of hose.