A boisterous sci-fi horror comedy in which John Boyega’s gang of teenage hoodies repel an alien invasion from their south London council estate.

As the youngsters fight off the extraterrestrials (malevolent balls of black fur and day-glo fangs), a handful of adults, including Nick Frost’s addled dope dealer, Luke Treadaway’s posh stoner and Jodie Whittaker’s trainee nurse, get caught up in the fray.

Frost and co are funny, but this film belongs to the youngsters. Boyega (in his film debut) as cocky 15-year-old gang leader Moses, is particularly good and is well supported by Alex Esmail, Franz Dameh, Leeon Jones and Simon Howard.

Their performances may be rough and ready in places, but what they lack in acting polish they more than make up in authenticity. Writer-director Joe Cornish has created a comedy horror gem that zips along, mixing laughs, thrills and scares.