Audrey has a heart attack! (VIDEO)

David and Kylie are incredulous as Audrey hands them the injunction she’s just had granted in court – she’s now legally in control. David’s horrified to hear Audrey’s accused him of forcing her into signing the salon over, but Audrey’s unrepentant, she’ll see him in court! Insisting the injunction is based on a lie Kylie urges David to continue with their plans to revamp the salon, but when Audrey takes a stand a bitter battle of words erupts between the family. Suddenly feeling unwell, Audrey falls to the floor!

As Tommy starts work for Terry he’s given flyers to hand out for ‘7th Heaven’, he’ll pay him when the bar is open and the money’s rolling in. Tommy’s agrees, warming to his dad. But when a lap-dancer turns up in the Rovers to do an audition for Terry, Tommy’s stunned to realise he’s working for a lap-dancing club. As Terry’s plans are met with outcry from the residents Tommy defends his dad.

Carla meets with Frank’s solicitor and she’s stunned to discover there is no new owner of the factory.

Also, the Rovers is out of Betty’s hotpot meaning it’s time for Sean to test-drive the recipe; Peter’s furious when he sees Leanne leaving the Barlows with Simon. Dragging a tearful Simon away he bans Leanne and Ken from seeing him again.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

David’s terrified, blaming himself, as Audrey is rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack. The doctor confirms it and as Gail and Lewis are told the next 48 hours are crucial they’re united in their fear. Arriving at the hospital an emotional David apologises for everything he’s done. Coming round, a frail Audrey refuses his apology.

As opposition to Terry’s lap-dancing club grows Tommy comes under fire. Taking the bull by the horns, Kirsty reckons she smells a rat at the council and they should take action. Terry’s livid as a sit-in protest begins.

Kevin continues to support Sally and she admits she appreciates everything he’s done for her recently. Over a bottle of wine he reminds Sally he’ll always be there for her. Sally’s touched and the pair kiss.

Also, relations are frosty between Stella and Karl; Sean tries to recreate Betty’s hotpot. Losing concentration he drops the recipe into the mixture and the ink runs; a huge row erupts when Peter discovers that Carla knew about Leanne seeing Simon.