Audrey is suspicious of David

Gail feels lucky to be alive, but she admits she’s confused that Jason is under suspicion. Meanwhile, Audrey confronts Jason and he admits that he had a row with Gail because he was under the impression that Sarah had had an abortion. Audrey has food for thought and realises that Tina’s abortion could have been the catalyst for Gail’s fall. Audrey wonders if David found out about the abortion and in his anger pushed Gail down the stairs. She resolves to confront her grandson. Carla enjoys the attention that is lavished on her after the announcement of her engagement and she secretly hopes that it may be making Liam jealous. When Tony decides to propose again to Carla in private, she pushes her previous hesitation aside and this time she happily accepts. Michelle is panicking about Ryan’s upcoming trip to Cornwall with Nick and she grills him about every aspect of the holiday. It’s clear that her fears lie more with the possibility of losing her son to his natural father than for Ryan’s safety away from home. Also, everyone mucks in to help Kirk clean up the house so Chesney can move back in.