Audrey rumbles Lenny and Lisa

After Audrey was scammed online, she’s upset after discovering that it’s twins Lenny and Lisa who were behind the mysterious Moira who needed money for a fictional ill husband. She decides to take action and calls their estranged grandfather Laurence, a retired sergeant major, in a bid to straighten them out.

However, having their grandfather back in their lives doesn’t go down well with the twins. Although Lenny starts to warm to him, Lisa reacts badly and launches an attack on Laurence. She then takes her grudge against him a step further when she steals his precious war medals. It’s then up to Audrey to try and track her down and find Laurence’s most prized belongings.

Elsewhere, George is still reeling after Princess deserted him. Finding it difficult to cope, he decides to turn to drink to try and numb the pain. However, when he then turns up at school, it seems as though he’s too inebriated to teach. Connor notices that George is hungover, and tells mum Christine that she needs to take action. Things then go from bad to worse for George when it becomes apparent to Christine that despite what he said previously, he has no knowledge of Mandarin.

Plus, Connor believes he has found a new career path in cooking, but Christine isn’t so sure.