Rita’s talking to Emily when Audrey bursts into her flat and starts to berate her. Not wanting their dirty linen aired in public Rita asks Emily to leave. With Emily gone Audrey lays into Rita, talking like Rita’s been having an affair with Lewis. When Rita points out he’s a paid escort the truth is a knife to the heart for Audrey, who lashes out raking over Rita’s past history with men. In the end she pushes Rita too far and as she bites back Audrey slaps her.

Becky and Steve research adoption on the net as Becky admits she’d love to give a girl like her a chance to have a real family. They agree to attend an Introduction to Adoption meeting next week.

Ken plans an anniversary do for Deirdre in the Rovers, and it gets Peter thinking about Leanne and his family life.

Also, Trev agrees to a date with Carla, forgetting his plans with a hurt Janice; Sophie arranges a meeting for Ryan and Sian.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Emily tries to force a truce between Rita and Audrey, but another row breaks out and it eventually spills into the street. As Rita insists she won’t listen to someone who’s in love with a gigolo a shocked Norris takes Rita home. He’s a good listener and as Rita confesses how lonely she’s been he asks her to come back to work in the Kabin. Meanwhile, Audrey confides in Deirdre admitting she’s made a fool of herself by falling for a younger man, but he was the only glimmer of light in her life.

Leanne hears about the McDonalds’ adoption plans and mentions to Peter that she’d like to be Simon’s proper mum. Hitting on an idea Peter heads out and Leanne wonders what he’s up to.

Sian’s devastated as a row ends her relationship with Ryan. Sophie’s there to comfort her but she’s stunned when she goes to console Ryan and he tries to kiss her. As Sophie rushes off Ryan is left kicking himself.

Also, Janice looks forward to a fish and chip night with Trev.