Audrey tries to stop Ashley!

Bill advises Audrey to get her facts straight before confronting Ashley over Casey. She goes to see Kevin and when she questions him about whether Ashley is sleeping with Casey his look gives it away. She confronts Ashley, but he tells her to mind her own business. Feeling guilty he asks for some space from Casey but she is furious and tells Audrey to butt out because her and Ashley are going to be a family!

Steve is feeling smug that he has won Michelle back. Eileen apologises to Michelle over the photographs, but the girls reckon they should have a little bit of fun with them before they’re destroyed.

Meawhile, David asks Mel out to the cinema and is pleased when she accepts. Jason and Bill suggest Gail builds an extension on her house for Jason and Sarah. But when she tells David he spitefully makes her feel guilty for making him feel like an outsider.

Also, Sally is in a rage with Rosie taking the full-time job and asks Liam to help her change her mind and Leanne explains to Paul about her debt problems.