Rita‘s sick of Audrey’s moping and decides that she needs to hear some home truths. Giving her best ‘dust yourself down’ speech she tells Audrey she’s needed in the salon. Walking into the mess David has created, Audrey’s outwardly strong and she rolls up her sleeves and announces that she’s back.

Natasha books an abortion after realising that Nick is unable to commit to her, while he is back on the street reeling from her shocking news. But Leanne has been forced back to reality and tells him that’s she’s moved on, and it’s time he did too. Later, back at home Leanne throws herself into her relationship with Peter, while Peter heads out to talk to Natasha. When he finds her he let’s her know in no uncertain terms that his future is with her and the baby, but she tells him it’s not that simple.

Fiz arrives back from Majorca early, and John feels it’s time to reveal all. But when she cuts him off and tells him that she’s pregnant, he’s stunned. She wants to give their marriage another go for the sake of their unborn baby.

Also, Peter demands free haircuts at the salon until Lewis’s debt is repaid.

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