How the surrounding oceans create a unique environment for numerous creatures in BBC2’s three-part series, Australia: Earth’s Magical Kingdom

The second episode of the three-part series continues tonight with a look at the varied and spectacular wildlife living on Australia’s coast.

The country’s 8,000 remote and often uninhabited islands are the perfect place for many animals to breed.

One is Pearson Island, where sea lion pups find their flippers before heading out into the big wide ocean.

Australia: Earth's Magical Kingdom

Ningaloo Whale shark

There’s also amazing footage of giant cuttlefish as they gather to mate, and of giant spider crabs as they migrate into the shallows in astonishing numbers to shed their hard outer shell.

But watch out for a surprising turn of events…

There’s also a plucky little bird called a Gould’s petrel, beautiful green sea turtles, humpback whales and fierce tiger sharks.

Barry Humphries narrates.

Please note this programme does not air in N Ireland.

TV Times rating: ****