Ava discovers a shock secret about Sam!

Ava worries that Sam’s done a disappearing act when he takes Dexter to the pool hall on his birthday then tells Dexter to return home alone. Sam finally arrives with Laura in tow, the nurse from the hospital that Dexter took a shine too. His good deed backfires spectacularly however when Laura lets slip that Sam tracked down Ava and Dexter when he discovered he needed a kidney.

Roxy is upset when she realises that Alfie spent their wedding night with Kat. Kat feels guilty about Roxy, suggesting to Alfie that they take it slowly until things calm down. In the cafe, Kat and Roxy argue, with Kat feeling bad that she’s a marriage wrecker. A furious Roxy takes a hammer and tears down the plaque above the door of the Queen Vic. Kat and Alfie realise the whole world is against them.

Jake and Sadie are in the cafe reminiscing about their wedding following the drama of Roxy and Alfie’s big day. Moving in to kiss Sadie, Jake is alarmed when he spots Lauren and Abi in the corner. Curiosity getting the better of her, Lauren books a treatment at Beauty so she can quiz Sadie about Jake. When Jake turns up, a panicked Lauren makes her excuses and leaves.