Ava doesn’t want to lose Sam

Dexter is looking forward to finishing off Sam’s car so he can finally see the back of him. Ava, meanwhile, is secretly gutted that Sam is going to leave, confiding in Tanya about her upset. When Dexter learns the part for Sam’s car will take another two weeks to arrive, Dexter curbs his fury, coldly telling a hurt Sam that he’s looking forward to seeing him go in a fortnight. Later popping home to borrow money for a night out, Dexter doesn’t realise that Sam is in Ava’s bedroom.

Max realises Lauren does need help, suggesting to Lauren she attend an alcohol support group. In denial, Lauren storms out of the house. When Carol later tries to talk to Lauren, mentioning Billie’s death from alcohol poisoning, it only terrifies Lauren. Tanya is worried to see Max comforting their pale, shaking daughter.

Kat asks Alfie to get Michael to open up about what’s bothering him. Finally admitting that he’s cut up about missing Scarlett’s first birthday on Friday, Michael breaks down. After Kat mentions Tommy’s one-year booster injections, Michael has a lightbulb moment. Hoping that Janine will take Scarlett to the hospital for her booster, he plans to intercept them.