Ava’s confronted by her ex!

Ava is stunned to find her ex-husband Sam – Dexter’s dad – standing on her doorstep. After getting Dexter out of the house, Ava demands to know why Sam’s there. When Sam claims he wants to get to know his son she points out that he’s had 20 years to do something about it. Lying that Sam’s an old acquaintance when Dexter returns, Ava is troubled when Dexter comments that ‘Jacob’ is a better catch than Billy. Ava later finds Sam in the Square and tells him to stay away.

Sharon’s dinner party is turning into a disaster, as she’s obliged to ask Trish to stay and Shirley then turns up! Shirley is smug when it’s clear her attempts to rile Sharon are working, despite Sharon’s desperate attempt to stay calm. Having enough of Shirley’s sniping, Lola tells her to go, leaving Sharon grateful. When the last of the guests have left, a strung-out Sharon takes more pills.

Carol and Masood feel awkward after Bianca arranges for them to have time alone in the house. They are uncomfortable as they try to talk about where they want their relationship to go. About to call it a night, their hands brush and they decide to take things further…